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Lucia Brodie

Honouring the Truth

clear seeing
Stepping into the centre …
Every day is a gift and clearing distractions is essential during this time of immense changes and upheavals... What can I do to keep my center?
rune of October

It comes as a great comfort to know I just need to put one foot in front of the other and treat each day as a lesson in possibilities for trusting. The symbol for this is the painted stone in the picture.. it came up in my meditation as a reminder from Spirit.  This was also the message from the ancestors in my reading from the Sangoma Kathy Bales. The  rune I picked for this month  corresponds perfectly.   The rune for this month is Eihwaz,

“PATIENCE, no acting needy, or lusting after a desired outcome…. So set your house in order, tend to business and wait on the Will of Heaven. ” ( the book of Runes, Ralph H. Blum) .

TRUST. Ask for support . Meditate. Look after SELF.

How do I strengthen  my trust and confidence during  this month? I saw a documentary recently on the island of Juju. It showed stone walls that could withstand hurricane force winds!! That is the kind of grounding STRENGTH  I can  intend!!!  I can also REFUSE  to get sucked into the measuring game of comparison and DOUBT. Spirit says this ‘DEFEATS THE PURPOSE.” Yes!!!

jeju walls
october spider

As I began my October clairvoyance reading , I looked down and saw a big spider on the floor!! She was reminding me not to fear.  We are in this web of creation together. Like the spider we are ALL beautiful , sacred. Remember to step  one GROUNDED , JOYFUL  day at a time!!! Thank you, CREATOR SPIDER!!!