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roadrunner is July's bird
Summer Stillness
What do a roadrunner and summer stillness have in common?
snails in july
Right before the beginning of July, we experienced a heat wave that knocked us off our feet. We had no choice but to stay inside and do as little as possible, as slowly as possible. Now that it is July, I asked Spirit for healing messages. I heard the word ” snail.” We are to honour  the snail as we “shed , release, and cleanse away the old .. all the while being patient…to submit and be still.” ( quotes are from the Book of Runes ) .
The challenge as we move through July is to not be a roadrunner; it  is so easy to run from project to project , never achieving our goals. Stop!  We can make a difference. Spirit says to ” not be indifferent to making a difference!!!” Even though we are tiny pinpricks in the huge universe of light and space, we must continue to carry out our lives with strength and purpose. We must believe in ourselves, casting aside the shadows of doubt.
july we can make a difference
july rest when weary
Our self care as we move through this month is to rest when weary, to stop, look and listen within. The image spirit showed me was a gladiator from ancient times. At first I thought it was about courage and strength in the face of adversary. Then I realized Spirit is reminding me that we are not slaves in the arena of life, awaiting the thumbs up or down of the crowd.  When we remember that we are already whole, we need seek no one’s approval as we stand in our own ‘AMAZING GRACE.’ I have included a lovely rendition of  this song.
During this month, spirit asks us to give ourselves  peace and quiet, trusting we are  making a difference in the arena of life. Stop, look and listen!!! Thank you, Spirit.

My Healing Touch session with Lucia was soothing, gentle and peaceful. S. D.

In silence the teachings are heard; in stillness the world is transformed. Haven Trevino. The Tao of Healing