Lucia Brodie

Honouring the Truth

Surviving and thriving this spring

   Surviving during this challenging time can be a lot easier with a healthy first chakra.I decide to offer first chakra rose  readings.  I had better look at my own survival chakra to balance and  HEAL it!!! I am intending to bring in the highest vibration of safety, strength and confidence to this area at the base of my spine.

The rose is full and yellow and is helping bring in the vibrations of FORGIVENESS and temperance. Spirit is  reminding me that I am not perfect and to not get angry and judgmental towards myself or others. In the hip, or communication area, spirit shows that DESPAIR and self doubt can cloud my communication with others. The stem of the rose, or body spirit communication,  is facing the sun so that the dark shadow side  is  illuminated. Spirit is illuminating that which is no longer helpful for my survival. My shadow self can be AFRAID  of being noticed ; wanting to be in the shadows.  My roots are deep and are filled with DETERMINATION . The sun , the god of my heart, is  above the rose,  bright and steady and reminds me to rest when needed and persevere .

I do a healing on the rose and am reminded that to survive and thrive in this lifetime  I need to maintain a peacekeeper’s stance, not being attached to what is right or wrong but intending to stay neutral. I know I have had  lifetimes as a tormenter and as a victim.    TEMPERANCE and PEACE within myself are what I  clearly need to remain BALANCED , confident and strong.They are life time lessons. 

I included a video on the first chakra which reminds us to walk the earth barefoot and bring grounding and calm to our body and soul. 


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