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telling the truth about purpose
The Truth about Purpose
I asked my Higher Self for the juicy stuff ... the truth of my purpose.
healing wounds purpose

I went into meditation to ask why am I  here  in Earth school. After almost 70 years it is good to be reminded. No time to waste!!!

1) I must please and LOVE myself before others. Discover what gives me JOY. That means stop looking to others for validation and listen to my intuition, my Higher Self.

2) I am here to HEAL WOUNDS  from other lifetimes; to become WHOLE and clean through and through. The image that came to mind was a wounded cat that had been shot with an arrow. The arrow had gone right through the cat’s body, missing the organs. CLEANSE  and heal.

3) To heal my wounds, poison from FEAR, DOUBT, AND JUDGEMENT need to be cleared.   I don’t need to judge others or blame them for my hurts and disappointments.  

One of my mentors once asked me why was I doing readings? I asked my Higher Self and it showed me a BARBED WIRE FENCE. I separate mysef so I don’t have to deal with others’ pain. It brought to mind the brilliantly painful movie “The boy in the Striped Pajamas.”

deep peace and purpose
deep peace purpose

4) PATIENCE is something I am slowly  developing.  I am here to EXPLORE life, open to its peace and light as well as its pain and darkness.  The image that came was a beach with the waves , sunlight sparkling on the water. DEEP PEACE. Of course!! 

5)  In my meditation I saw a clam   and the message was ” DON’T CLAM UP !!! ” Speak about Spirit and Higher Self and God and the DIVINE … and INTUITION. 

A PRAYER from Sonia Choquette’s book Soul Lessons and Purpose: 

“GUIDE me through every moment with GRACE.”