Lucia Brodie

Illuminating Deep Peace

Lucia Brodie

Honouring the Truth

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Welcoming 2022 – DEEP PEACE to you each and every day
Messages from Spirit for welcoming the new year
being at peace

I asked Spirit  for the number one message  this year and it was ‘Don’t get highjacked.’ Stay in the driver’s seat. Keep your focus on what is important and stand your ground. Whatever else you are doing, being at peace with yourself by acting with integrity is paramount.


Imagine a beautiful peachy orange surrounding your auric field ( or any other colour that speaks to you) travelling to the centre of the earth, dissolving anything that is blocking your self care and growth. Spirit wants us to’groom and bloom’. We are healers in our own right and  healers in our own light.The Celtic blessing   Deep Peace is what inspired me to name my business. When I heard it in a small shop in California, it stopped me in my tracks and filled my heart with its beauty.

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Last but not least , spirit wants us to be encouraging to our selves and then to others. Release the l in doldrums and do whatever  helps to move  disappointment , despair and old self- sabotaging messages. DO drums, dance, walks , yoga- anything that helps relax the body and allows the sabotaging messages to lose their power. Use silence and stillness to hear the truth about your beautiful, authentic Self. Stay on track. 

LuciaBrodie’s reading and healing insight was presented with crystal clear clarity. I felt a profound shift after my reading and I am truly grateful . Thank you, Lucia! J.R. 

May the stream of your life flow unimpeded! Deep Peace of the running wave to you. Earth Prayers